So there I was, sitting under a tree and then I thought to myself l, “The universe is a huge place. We are not alone.” The burning question now is, where are aliens?
Join me today as I try to narrow down the probable location of extraterrestrial life.
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There are millions of galaxies in the universe and the universe itself is pretty damn big! Its estimated diameter is about 550 billion light years! Do you really think that the Earth is the only planet with living organisms? No!
So, where are aliens?
First we need to understand that before life occurs on any planet in the universe there need to be 3 basic things:
1). A huge star similar to our own Sun at the right distance from the reference planet
2.) An atmosphere covering the reference planet
3.) Water in the form of oceans and rivers on the reference planet

With all these 3 requirements met, we just might be amongst another planet with thriving alien life in it, or perhaps that planet might be among us.

There are more than 200 exoplanets (planets from out of our Milky Way galaxy) that meet the 3 three requirements.
Let us start with Earth.
<< Earth >>
Our dusty planet has a huge, flaming, red ball; the Sun which is the first requirement.
Earth has layers of gases making up the atmosphere which is requirement number 2.
Salty oceans, streams and rivers along with ice caps at Antarctica make up water forming the third requirement.
The second planet, situated outside of our galaxy, about 40 trillion killometres away from Earth is Proxima Centauri b.
<< Proxima Centauri b >>
This exoplanet meets the first requirement because its closest star is Proxima Centauri. However, there are speculations on the second and third requirement. Excessive radiation is said to be strong enough to wipe out any atmospheric pressure which greatly affects the possibility of water on the surface of this exoplanet.
Other exoplanets that probably meet all three requirements include KELPER – 1229B, KEPLER – 452B, WOLF – 1061C, KEPLER – 442B, LUYTER B, and many many more.
Life could be present in any of these planets.

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